14 PCS Screw Extractor Set

  • To extract screws, nuts, and bolts when locating threads or hexagons are damaged.
  • Due to the special insert design (tapered and special left section).
  • Both screws, nuts and bolts can…

17 PCS Drain Plug Key Set

  • A set of popular keys for draining differentials, sumps, axles, gearboxes on most modern vehicles.
  • Now includes 10mm (f) square, the latest triangular in 3/8" D and spline bit M16.

18 PCS Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set...

  • Winds back brake piston for replacing brake pads.​
  • 15 special adaptors and reaction plate holder.
  • Left and right hand threaded screw and T-bar.
  • It helps to prevent damages for pistons…


Symmetric lift without baseframe for greater space free area at work. Equipped with two lifting rams which do not require maintenance.

24 PCS Fwd Front Wheel Bearing Tool

A great tool used to replace front wheel bearing without removing the steering knuckle & strut assembly
As the spindle assemble is not removed, there is no need to align…


Lifting height of 1030 mm. Lateral foot guards that act as tool-trays