17 PCS Drain Plug Key Set

  • A set of popular keys for draining differentials, sumps, axles, gearboxes on most modern vehicles.
  • Now includes 10mm (f) square, the latest triangular in 3/8" D and spline bit M16.

Valve Seal Removal & Installer Kit

  • Works on both valves still seated or removed.​
  • For removing and installation of valve seal.
  • -Precision machined seal driving adapters for proper setting of valve seal.

30 PCS Cup Type Oil Filter Wrenches Set...

  • These cup-type filters are made of 7 & 16 gauge construction and are able to withstand up to 85 ft.Ibs of torque.
  • Cup-type design grips like a socket minimizing the…

Two Sets Bearing Separator Kit

  • Two versatile gear and bearing splitters.​
  • Dropped forged and hardened.
  • Bearing separator VA401 & VA402 inside (size range from 30-50mm and 50-75mm.)
  • Pullout the bear with the H-type beam and…

Universal Radiator Pressure Tester Set (Delrin Plastic-NYLON66)

  • Test cooling system for leaks.
  • Includes-VVE018 & Handle for radiator.


Hub Slide Hammer Puller

  • Pulls flange-type rear axles on most late model passenger cars & light trucks.
  • Designed to fit axles with bolts & studs up to 9/16" dia.

18 PCS Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set...

  • Winds back brake piston for replacing brake pads.​
  • 15 special adaptors and reaction plate holder.
  • Left and right hand threaded screw and T-bar.
  • It helps to prevent damages for pistons…

MacPherson Spring Dumper Extractor (Replaceable)

  • Specifically designed for Macpherson struts fitted to most vehicles.
  • Complete with a robust shaft which extends up to 300mm.
  • 3 sizes of pressure plates from 65mm to 195mm.
  • The anti-slip…

24 PCS Fwd Front Wheel Bearing Tool

A great tool used to replace front wheel bearing without removing the steering knuckle & strut assembly
As the spindle assemble is not removed, there is no need to align…

TTC Motorcycle Cam Belt Tension Tester

TTC is a device by TEXA that verifies the correct engine timing belt tensioning, engineered according to Ducati specifications and specifically devised for Ducati bikes.

Tensioning the timing belt correctly…

Gasbox Autopower

Exhaust Gas Analyser

GASBOX Autopower is an exhaust gas analyser for petrol, LPG, and methane fuelled engines. It incorporates TEXA’s own analysis chamber and comes with a practical trolley for…


Diagnostic Online

Connect VeDiS3 Plus to Wi-fi, using Diagnostic ON-Line to perform vehicle diagnostics and basic vehicle settings

Vehicle Coverage

  • Asian Vehicles: Acura, Chevrolet, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Formosa, Greatwall, Holden, Honda…