• GAT Nano Lube forms an extremely strong barrier between moving components. This highly efficient lubrication film provides excellent protection and lubrication for all kind of commercial and industrial applications.
  • Lubricates and protects metal surfaces to effectively reduce friction and wear. Penetrates and
    releases rusty parts and sticky mechanisms. The product penetrates and prevents corrosion and
    rust, displaces moisture, stops squeaks, cleans and reduces friction and wear on all metal parts,
    tools and equipment exposed to water and wind. Extremely effective to drive out and protect
    against moisture on for example electricity plugs in all types of vehicles as cars, boats, bikes etc.
    Unbeatable as lubrication for chains, ropes, rolls, bearings, chain inner bearings, gearwheels,
    worm gears, clutches, wire ropes, hinges, o-rings, bowden cables, locks etc. Can be used on
    anything where metal components constantly exposed to friction. Very effective for pneumatic

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