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  • DBL-4000 (Basic) -BRAKE DISC LATHE  Share:

DBL-4000 (Basic) -BRAKE DISC LATHE Share:


•    Combination bench rotor lathe (for rotor only)
•    Works with hubbed rotor
•    Sturdy bench can weight up to 300kg
•    Precise machining, great service time
•    Fully adjustable feed rate
•    Clear safety shield with white LED worklight

Technical Specifications:

• Electrical requirement: 110/220V, 1 Phase, 20/60Hz
• Spindle motor: Geared ½ horsepower up to 120rpm
• Feed motor: On (1) geared AC motor
• Arbor shaft diameter: 30mm (35mm is also available as optional)
• Maximum rotor diameter: 420mm
• Maximum rotor thickness: 50mm
• Net weight: 210kgs
• Gross weight: 225kgs

Additional Details

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