• 77pcs Tools Set with Trolley
  • 77pcs Tools Set with Trolley
  • 77pcs Tools Set with Trolley

77pcs Tools Set with Trolley


Additional Details


1unit 4-Drawer Tools Trolley
6pcs 3/8" Dr. 6PT Socket 6,8,9,10,12,13mm
2pcs 3/8" Dr. Spark Plug Socket 16,21mm
1pc 3/8" Dr. Slim Head Ratchet Handle
1pc 3/8" Dr. Swivel Handle 250mm
3pcs 3/8" Dr. Extension Bar 75,150,250mm
1pc 3/8" Dr. Universal Joint
9pcs 1/2" Dr. 12PT Socket 14,17,19,21,22,24,27,30,32mm
1pc 1/2" Dr. Slim Head Ratchet Handle
1pc 1/2" Dr. Swivel Handle 380mm
1pc 1/2" Dr. Extension Bar 150mm
5pcs Combination Wrench 10,12,14,17,19mm
1pc 1/2" Dr. Universal Joint
8pcs Double Ring Wrench 45 Offset 8x9,10x11,12x13,14x15,16x17,18x19,21x23,22x24mm
1pc Adjustable Wrench 12"
1pc Long Nose Pliers 6"(Europe Handle)
1pc Slip Joint Pliers 8"
1pc Diagonal Cutting Pliers 6"(Europe Handle)
1pc Water Pump Pliers 10"(Europe Handle)
1pc Curved Jaw Locking Pliers 10"
1pc Ball Pein Hammer 16oz(Wooden Handle)
1pc Deadblow Hammer 520g
1pc Snap Ring Pliers 9"
1pc Oil Filter Wrench 60-90mm
1pc Auto Testing 125-250V
1pc Door Upholstery Panel Remover 115mm
1pc 1/2"F x 3/8"M Adapter
9pcs Ball Point Hex Key Wrench Set (Long Type)
7pcs Double Open End Wrench 8x9,10x11,12x13,14x15,16x17,18x19,21x23mm
4pcs Go-Through Phillips Screwdriver PH2x38, PH1x100, PH2x100, PH3x150
4pcs Go-Through Slotted Screwdriver SL6x38, SL5x100, SL6x100, SL8x150

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