14 PCS Screw Extractor Set

  • To extract screws, nuts, and bolts when locating threads or hexagons are damaged.
  • Due to the special insert design (tapered and special left section).
  • Both screws, nuts and bolts can…

Valve Spring Compressor Set

  • C type
  • Used for car & motorcycle.
  • Pusher size: 16, 19, 23, 25 and 30mm
  • 5pcs pusher for fitting the valve spring correctly and easier to compress the valve spring…

17 PCS Drain Plug Key Set

  • A set of popular keys for draining differentials, sumps, axles, gearboxes on most modern vehicles.
  • Now includes 10mm (f) square, the latest triangular in 3/8" D and spline bit M16.

Valve Seal Removal & Installer Kit

  • Works on both valves still seated or removed.​
  • For removing and installation of valve seal.
  • -Precision machined seal driving adapters for proper setting of valve seal.

30 PCS Cup Type Oil Filter Wrenches Set...

  • These cup-type filters are made of 7 & 16 gauge construction and are able to withstand up to 85 ft.Ibs of torque.
  • Cup-type design grips like a socket minimizing the…

Two Sets Bearing Separator Kit

  • Two versatile gear and bearing splitters.​
  • Dropped forged and hardened.
  • Bearing separator VA401 & VA402 inside (size range from 30-50mm and 50-75mm.)
  • Pullout the bear with the H-type beam and…

Universal Radiator Pressure Tester Set (Delrin Plastic-NYLON66)

  • Test cooling system for leaks.
  • Includes-VVE018 & Handle for radiator.


Hub Slide Hammer Puller

  • Pulls flange-type rear axles on most late model passenger cars & light trucks.
  • Designed to fit axles with bolts & studs up to 9/16" dia.

18 PCS Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Set...

  • Winds back brake piston for replacing brake pads.​
  • 15 special adaptors and reaction plate holder.
  • Left and right hand threaded screw and T-bar.
  • It helps to prevent damages for pistons…

MacPherson Spring Dumper Extractor (Replaceable)

  • Specifically designed for Macpherson struts fitted to most vehicles.
  • Complete with a robust shaft which extends up to 300mm.
  • 3 sizes of pressure plates from 65mm to 195mm.
  • The anti-slip…

24 PCS Fwd Front Wheel Bearing Tool

A great tool used to replace front wheel bearing without removing the steering knuckle & strut assembly
As the spindle assemble is not removed, there is no need to align…