Brake Fluid Bleeder

  • Compact Design, Portable​Suitable for Dot 3, Dot 4, Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid Standard
  • Mechanical Pressure Control Regulation
    Clean and exchange brake fluid of ABS, ESP, EDS, and SBC
  • Pulsating technique…

TTC Motorcycle Cam Belt Tension Tester

TTC is a device by TEXA that verifies the correct engine timing belt tensioning, engineered according to Ducati specifications and specifically devised for Ducati bikes.

Tensioning the timing belt correctly…

Electronic Throttle Body / EGR & Actuator Tester...

The tester is capable of accurately driving both DC and Pulsed Width Modulated (PWM) components on today’s complex vehicles from 0 – 100% to accurately test operation.

Electronic Throttle…



Use as battery charger and power supply
IUoU charging characteristic

Aluminium casing, Protection class IP 52
Colour slate-grey

Comfortable menu navigation
Charging parameter configurable
Languages programmed in unit: DE…

Diagnostic cart

  • ​Good choice for diagnostic devices
  • Easy Move
  • Cable gathering design/ accessories

A5 Turbo Diagnostic Leak Detector

The A5 Series Automotive Diagnostic Leak Detector is designed
for test leaks in vehicle pipe systems. It could be used on all
cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV, light trucks, boats, etc.

Smoke Wizard® GLD-40

Smoke Wizard® is a new generation (G3) automotive diagnostic smoke machine combining pressure and vacuum style Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System leak detection capabilities, and general purpose leak detector functions together…


McPherson coil spring compressor 2.250 kg

CANVIK PLUS makes dismantling of McPherson struts safer, easier and faster and handles more than 90% of all cars.

It has been used by…


Coil spring compressor for wishbone suspension 1.500 kg
Innovative and safe handling of springs on cars with wishbone and multilink suspension.

CANVIK CENTER is the only tool on the market…