• X431 PRO
  • X431 PRO

X431 PRO



The X431 PRO series is based on Android OS and connects via Bluetooth to the vehicles. Besides the usual high diagnosis depth has additional comprehensive functions in combination with GOLO, the X431 PRO/ PRO3 performs remote diagnosis and can be converted into a convenient CRM-system including Social Network Service – customer management on the next level.


  • Tablet with high configuration
  • Automatically identify the vehicle information and quickly diagnosed the cars in smooth network, and online check the history maintenance record
  • Built-in Social Network Service allows access to diagnostic community
  • Remote diagnosis & maintenance with golo
  • Customer management for the workshop via golo platform
  • One-click update online via Wi-Fi
  • Database and car repair tips


  • Full vehicle system coverage of over 110 brands​
  • Auto ID VINs in seconds
  • 11 special functions
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Compatible with endoscope, immobilizer and WiFi printer.
  • Integrated database with comprehensive vehicle service and repair information
  • Diagnostic records and reports to be stored in the cloud
  • Integrated lookup table of vehicle coverage
  • One-click upgrade and silent install of software


  • Android 7.0 operating system with four-core
    processor for fast and reliable operation
  • 8-inch touch screen display with high resolution
  • TYPE C interface
  • DBSCar VI VCI with stable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Push Push connector


OS    Android 7.0
CPU    1.3GHz 4-core
Memory     2G
Display    5-inch screen, 1280 x 800
Storage    32GB
Camera     Rear 5 mega pixels
Dimension (mm)    226 x 203 x 43.6
Working Temperature     0°C – 50°C

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