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Having started our operations in 1999, Electa Equipment (M) Sdn Bhd has established itself key distributors of Automotive Test Equipment that serve the high-tech automotive community well. We want our customers to have a better edge in terms of having access to the high advanced technologies and equipment that not only will help power up their vehicles, but beyond that. Electa continuously fuels the potential and enhances the level of service we provide to our valued customers.  

The automotive industry is indeed a challenging one, but through our expertise and partner affiliations, we reckon we can zoom out of the competition and head towards the paths that will ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Find the best

We are as good as the team that is firmly behind us. Our teams of expert and experience hands are a good support to our customers in terms of comprehensive solutions with good advice, good after sales service and hands on expertise. Our network coverage spans across the whole of Malaysia with key distributors in various states of the nation.  

All our dealerships go through a selection process to ensure that only the best get chosen and are then backed extensively by our team of technical support teams.